This collection of my literature/literary diary entries, is dedicated to Ashley O’Connor, Amy and John Hanselmann, Dr. Leonard Winogora, Dr. Phillip Lopate, Dr. Brenda Marshall, and the late Wallace Stevens who helped me expand my mind fundamentally as a person. I say fundamentally as a person and not as a writer because I believe ultimately, more or less, almost all of us are, if not writers, then communicators. I’m not yet confident to speculate on what I consider the role of writing to be in commercial contexts, most of all because the commercial aspects inevitably reflect nothing other than…

I felt as though my intuition was asserting to me that she wanted to fuck me. (Enter my anxiety: you think: “what a cocky creep, mad full of himself, just another one of ‘those guys’ [the sort of guy, by the way, I have never, ever wanted to be. The “playa” or “fuck boi” et cetera]

There’s a sort of irony and paradox, culturally speaking, in my opinion, re: the story and details of the early 21st century heterosexual male…or…male at birth, as in, born with a penis…so “penis bearer,” if you prefer…

Notice I mention the heterosexual male aspects…

Got to/ must

keep track

of your mind

lest it gets dusty,



more than/beyond the anticipated inevitable

“bumps on the road”

No one’s perfect,

as I hope you know.

I don’t want

to “lose my mind”,

as if, or in fact, because

I’m so drunk, high, and solipsistic

that I grossly neglect

connections to others,

to the animals

who impress and perplex

those with ethically

realized and cultivated vegan sensibilities,

and yet,

it gets so complex

as my consciousness

must decide between the serene sunsets

and ensuring that my dogs get enough

of everything they need,

exercise, food…

Fundamental thoughts concerning love, sex, monogamy, and polyamory; written between

“On Polyamory: part 1 — fundamental thoughts concerning love, sex, monogamy, and polyamory”

(Saturday, February 29th, 2020 — Thursday, October 29th, 2020)

For Paulita Pappel, Erika Lust, Megan and Marty Bhatia, Kyle Henry, Franklin Veaux, Dossie Easton, Janet Hardy, Barbara Carrellas, Carrie Jenkins, Christopher Ryan, and Cacilda Jetha’, Ms. Y, Ms. J, and John Lennon ; but for you, I’d have remained a silent, lying coward

Love and sex,

for years, I’ve feared

to confess,

impress my soul,

like autumn sunsets —

those sapphire skies

that compliment,

especially, the dark yellow and red leaves as they fall

and I…

“Your next idea won’t come from copying what a competitor has already done. So look for innovation in different industries and niches.

Research what businesses are dominating. Why

What businesses are you most loyal to? Why?

How can you transfer what worked for businesses outside your industry to your own market? Maybe you can improve on these ideas.

Taking inspiration from other industries is a great way to boost your own creativity.”

-Larry Kim (

“Research by Girija Kaimal, EdD, assistant professor, and Kendra Ray, a doctoral student, both in Drexel’s College of Nursing and Health Professions, showed that…

I’m in the process of reframing my life in the most profound and revolutionary way since I came to accept the reality of knowledge/facts/ and begin to grasp the meaning of logic and objectivity, which was, almost exactly a decade ago!

And this time? Well, I have changed routes.

For my entire life, even including my major political phase, which although not artistic, at least certainly not strictly speaking, existed for me in an AESTHETIC and thus more broadly PHILOSOPHICAL CONTEXT…for all my life, from my wish to be a movie actor even to my flirtations with becoming a high…

Real estate in the Somerset Hills of NJ…

This $300,000, three bedroom house on half an acre of land fooled me into imagining it as a whole acre, courtesy of the property’s spacious hill, with a small shed on the hill’s edge, and the a stream below the hill that serves as close to the border line between the property and the last few stretches of upward slope (that is to say: the hill descends, reaches a stream, and past the stream the hill slopes back up) before the forested mountain’s summit; courtesy also of the house’s location in the…

I got the job! This is truly one of the most profound twists of fate in my entire life.

Other comparable twists? Becoming a hippie. That was profound. I turned from a so called “straight edge” person who never drank or smoked and who never really got in trouble (except for my parents) to a pothead who transferred from an urban university to a rural-ish one (and from NJ to FL) and then dropped out, and began a life of serious instability, then moving…how many times?

“Let’s see,” as the expression goes:

I moved to my father’s and former stepmother’s…

Today I have an interview at Pups at Play in Livingston. Never been to Livingston before. The drive appears pretty direct. Up I-287 North and then NJ-10 East (though it goes north east more exactly.) An old friend (of sorts) of mine, from years ago now, ….a fellow I met back when I started my retail career in 2010 (wow, 11 years ago! “Time is a jet plane/ it moves too fast” — Bob Dylan), he was a staunch Republican, but of the older, less Trumpain sort…the pre-Trumpian sort. He listened loyally to the conservative radio pundit Michael Savage and…

I told my confidant yesterday afternoon that I’ve decided to start working with dogs. I worry that this might disappoint them — it’s true that I invested heavily in my academics often in hope of being a strong force in the education world; yet, that knowledge gained in the midst of being formally educated can apply spiritually to life beyond its more purely academically abstract and theoretical aspects; in this sense, perhaps ironically, it is my philosophical and aesthetic thinking (i.e., intellectual and theoretical) that seems to inform my step away from academia;…what if my confidant had “hopes” for my…


Contemplations, Daydreams, and Miscellaneous Notes — A Literary Diary of Poetry and Prose

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